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In the 30 plus years I have been a working with wood, I have found that I never stop learning about the craft.  Amazingly I find that a good deal of fresh information I learn comes from my fellow woodworkers. Whether it be a tip on how to store and organize the fasteners in my shop or a new technique for sanding spindles on the lathe, I am always impressed by just how much knowledge can be gained from the average woodworker.  This was the inspiration for creating this site.   

Woodcourse.com is a shared resource for both the amateur and professional woodworker. We invite all woodworkers to contribute to the site by submitting tips and articles, or join our forum community.

All submissions will be accepted in the following formats;
Any standard text editor - .txt  .rtf
Microsoft Word - .doc  .docx
Microsoft Publisher - .pub
HTML format

NOTE: All submission files must be attached to the email you send us.  If your submission contains only plain text (no photos or illustrations), you may send directly in the body of the email.

Photos and illustrations - We can use almost any format you send us, however we recommend .jpg format for photos and .bmp or .gif format for illustrations.

File size  - If the overall size of your submission (including photos and illustrations) is over 2mb, you will need to compress the files and send it to us in .zip format.  Our server will not accept any email attachments larger than 2 mb. 

Send all submission to editor@woodcourse.com.  Once we receive your submission we will send you a confirmation. After review by our editors, if you article is approved, we will publish it on our site.

If you have any questions on submitting your article, please email us at: webmaster@woodcourse.com

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