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Many woodworkers have come across or developed their own little methods of working in the woodshop.  Whether it be a quick way to mount a drawer slide or alternatives to using sharpening stones.  These are the things we will publish on this page. I will get the ball rolling with one of my tips.

This Week's Tips

I can see clearly now!

I use a drop light to detect scratches or minor defects in a work piece that are usually hard to detect. DO NOT mount the drop light directly over the work surface, rather above and behind the the surface. I will also use this light when sanding the surface of a new project to prepare it for stain or finish. The reflected light will show marks left by the planer when the board was originally milled. Often these marks are hard to detect, especially if the knives of the planer were freshly sharpened before the board was milled. 

Reflected lighting is a very effective source for picking up minor flaws like small scratches and other defects that are normally hard to see with the naked eye under direct light.

Sal Marino, Brooklyn N.Y.

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